Let's do something different

and get you noticed.


It's a noisy world, and it can be hard to be heard. Let's work smart, fast 
and mix things up. At Orange, we combine expertise with passion, creativity 
and hustle to deliver results for our clients.

"am simply amazed at what Orange accomplished.  They leveraged personal connections with journalists to achieve stellar placements.  Today when so many publicists rely on computerized media lists and shot-gunned e-mail blasts, they did it the old-fashioned way - by picking up the phone and calling people they know. Nothing is more effective."

John Ross, author, "The Forecast for D-Day"

Public Relations Services


  •   general publicity

  •   ​media relations

  •   ​event planning

  •   ​media training

  •   ​copy writing

  •   ​influencer campaigns 

  •   ​social media

  •   ​product launches​


Marketing Services


  • online promotions

  • advertising and design

  • product placements

  • brand and personality profiling

  • graphic and webdesign

  • digital and email marketing

  • brand management

  • event management

Full Service Agency

Orange PR & Marketing ~ brianne@orangeprm.com